WCLC Schedule and Tournament Structure

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WCLC Schedule and Tournament Structure

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Tournament Structure & Schedule

The WCLC is a knock-out competition based on the English FA Cup. At present I have designed the knock-out structure for 72 teams. This allows all current 72 teams in the WCL to take part. At the moment no plans are in order to allow any clans on the waiting list to take part.

The current 72 team knock out will consist of 8 rounds to be played on the following dates and involving the following teams.

25/09/10 - Round 1: 16 lowest ranked Team
02/10/10 - Round 2: 8 winning teams from previous round + 24 next lowest ranked teams.
09/10/10 - Round 3: 16 winning teams from previous round + 16 next lowest ranked teams.
16/10/10 - Round 4: 16 winning teams from previous round + 16 teams yet to be entered.
23/10/10 - Round 5: 16 remaining teams.
30/10/10 - Quarter Finals : 8 remaining teams.
06/11/10 - Semi Finals: 4 remaining teams.
20/11/10 - Finals: 2 remaining teams + 3rd Place Playoff.

Team Seedings

Below you will find all the clans listed to take part and when each team will be entered into the competition. Seedings were decided based on where each team starts in the most present season of the WCL whilst also taking in to consideration performance in the previous season. Each group has been arranged in no particular order. Please note that these seedings are subject to changing should any teams be moved from the league and be replaced right up and until the draw for each round is made.

Round 1 Seeds.

The following team will start in the competition on the 25th of September.

Division 10

Clan GX2
Nightmare Team
Elite Racing Team

Division 11

Geek Conspiracy
Dark Zone
Viva La Figa Junior

Division 12

Clan Volo
Team FNintendo
Ghost Wheel
Dry Clan
Drunk Driverz
Drew's Magical Balloons n' More 2

Round 2 Seeds:

The following team will start in the competition on the 2nd of October.

Division 6

Team Luxembourg
Star Flash
Gravity Team 2

Division 7

Shadow Raven
Viva La Figa
Best World Players
Gotei XIII
Koopa Clan 3
Arctic Team

Division 8

Wii Elite Clan
Wii Kings 2
No Surrender
Metal Soldiers
Nferno 3

Division 9

TeamGameCave 2
Divine Judgement Clan
Flow 2
Team Colors
Viking Bikerz

Division 10

Charged Brigade
Dutch Racing Team 2

Round 3 Seeds:

The following team will start in the competition on the 9th of October.

Division 3

Mushroom Team

Division 4

Clan GX
Revolution 2
eXtreme Team
Alliance Rainbow
Extreme Force
Team Game Cave

Division 5

Drew's Magical Balloons N' More
Nferno 2
Bras Casses
Elite Prodigy
Nintendo 5 Star

Division 6

Dutch Racing Team

Round 4 Seeds:

The following team will start in the competition on the 16th of October.

Division 1

Infected with Skill
Koopa Clan
Shadow Smashers
Team TT
Gravity Team

Division 2

Shadow Team
Commando KT
Kira Team 2
Gaming Elite Team
Shock Tactics

Division 3

Kira Team
Dash Team
Wii Kings
Koopa Clan 2

Draw Scheduling

The draw for each round will take place on the following dates, just like last cup. If some match ups are still yet to be played, the unresolved match will be entered into the draw and the winners of that match will then already know who they face in the next round.

Round 1: 20/09/10
Round 2: 27/09/10
Round 3: 04/10/10
Round 4: 11/10/10
Round 5: 18/07/10
Quarter Finals: 25/07/10
Semi Finals: 01/11/10



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