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MKCL Estructura e información

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MKCL Layout.

Each season of the League consists of 2 competitions (League and division playoffs) that work together in tandem as the league progresses. The league is designed to accomplish the following
1) Shorter seasons (less strain on clans)
2) More awards ( Clans have a higher chance of completing the season with an award)
3) Diversity: (More clans to face, more options, excitement and achievements to compete for during seasons.)
League Layout & structure:

- The MKC's league seasons last 7 weeks long with divisions of 8 clans.
- 3 Playoff matches that are to be played every other week .

- All Divisions will play 10 total within 7 weeks.
- Divisional Playoffs are schedules in tandem with the league's Final matches.
- Two advancements, two demotions, and 5 playoff trophies will be awarded within a season.
League Match progression:
- Week 1: League #1
- Week 2: League #2 + Playoff #1
- Week 3: League #3
- Week4: League #4 + Playoff #2
- Week5: League #5
- Week6: League #6 + Playoff #3 ( Finals for Playoffs)
- Week7: League #7 (Finals for the league)
League Promotional Status:
- The Two clans with the highest VR (versus Ranking) at the end of the season get promoted.
- The Two clans with the lowest VR get relegated to the next lower division.
- Divisional Playoff trophies will be given out at the end of the season to the victorious clans.

League Point System:
Clans start out initially with 1500VR.
League matches:
- 8 matches total.
-A Win+ (80+ points over the other team) is worth +25 VR
-A Win ( winning by anything less than 80 pts) is worth +15 VR
-A Draw is worth nothing.
-A Loss (losing by less than 80 points) -15 VR deducted
-A Loss - (losing by 80 or more points) -25 VR deducted.

Playoff Matches:
-A Win+ is worth + 30VR
-A Win(80+ points over the other team) is worth +20
- A Draw is - 0 VR
-A Loss: is minus -20 VR
-A Loss+ ( Down by 80+ points from the other team) | - 130VR is deducted.

League No-Shows / failure to compete = -50 points.
League Playoff No-shows No-Shows / Failure to compete= - 20 points

Divisional Playoff Layout

This tourney is Double Knock-out: Meaning that you have to lose twice in the tournament, in order to be eliminated. Your first loss (should you even lose) will limit you to advancement to higher trophies. The more flawless your playoff record, the higher you will advance to go for the top trophies.

A team is safe from elimination if they advance to qualify for the gold and divisional top trophies. At that point, that team can only be eliminated once, so that team will win a trophy regardless.

NOTE: Playoff match points (VR) are combined with the League's VR. However, Divisional Playoff trophies will be awarded separate from league promotion/demotion.

-Playoffs Last 3 weeks, one match played a week in reference to the season's playoff dates and times scheduled.
- 8 teams will start off the initial 4 matches.
- The initial matches are to divide clans for the up coming trophies. Losses in the initial matches do not count towards the double knockout.
- Teams who are defeated in the initial matches qualify for Onyx and Bronze
- Teams that are victorious in the initial matches qualify for Silver, gold, and the divisional title.
- A clan cannot be eliminated once it qualifies for the gold/divisional trophies
- 8 teams, 5 trophies, 1 divisional champion
- Trophies will be awarded for that division, but separate from the league itself.

The league structure is designed so that you face a bigger variety of clans, still finish the season in a timely manner, and stand a greater chance of winning an award of some sort. These are the regulations that will stand for season #1, subject to change going into later seasons. Again, its your voices that need to be heard for feedback on this.
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