WCL Divisiones y Equipos Season 8

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WCL Divisiones y Equipos Season 8

Mensaje por Dark el Jue Ene 27, 2011 10:27 am

Season 8 Seedings

Division 1: (VapoR)

Infected With Skill
Team TT
Koopa Clan
Shadow Team
Kira Team

Division 2: (Gymmo)

Shadow Smashers
Gravity Team
Koopa Clan 2
Gaming Elite Team
Alliance Rainbow

Division 3: (Nohi)

Mushroom Team
Extreme Force
Revolution 2
Star Flash

Division 4: (Greeny)

Clan GX
Team Game Cave
Gravity Team 2
Gotei XIII
Dutch Racing Team
Quantum 1 - new entry

Division 5: (Roy03)

Best World Players
Team Luxembourg
Wii Elite Clan
Divine Judgement Clan (Inception)
Eternal - new entry
1up - new entry

Division 6: (Vayduh)

Koopa Clan 8000
Wii-Kings 2
No Surrender
Nferno 2
Viva La Figa
Flow 2

Division 7: (Chemα)

Shadow Raven (Dark Alliance)
Elite Racers Team
Team Game Cave 2
Charged Brigade

Division 8: (Bounty)

Clan Volo
Speed Racers
Revolution 3 - new entry

Division 9: (Stui)

Geek Conspiracy
Dry Clan
High Definition
Apocalypse - new entry
Quantum 2 - new entry
Fast and Wild - new entry

Division 10: (ςτ®ífε)

Best World Players 2 - new entry
Castor Senior - new entry
Light and Dark - new entry
Masters of Disasters - new entry
Special Pink International Gang - new entry
Dusk Organisation - new entry

Waiting list:
Rageux Soldats - new entry
Clan GX2 - new entry
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