World Cup Format

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World Cup Format

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Mario Kart 8 World Cup
Group Stage Format

This post is meant to explain the format of the World Cup. The World Cup will consist of 12 teams placed into 3 pools of 4.

Round Robin will consist of each team playing the three teams in their division once. These matches will be 12v12. Whoever scores more will win.
The top two teams in each division will earn a spot in the playoffs. The playoffs will consist of 8 teams. The final two spots for the playoffs will be awarded to the best two remaining teams, or the wild cards.
The wild cards will be awarded to the top teams who did not get top 2 in their division. If there is a tiebreaker it will be decided by the countries +/- (points for - points against). The wildcard teams will automatically have the 7/8 seed.


Playoff Format

The playoffs will contain the top 8 national teams. These teams will playoff in a double elimination bracket to determine the world champion.
Double elimination means that a team is not out until it loses twice. If a team loses once, they drop down to the "Loser Bracket" where they must fight to stay alive. If a team loses while in the losers bracket, they are eliminated from the tournament.

Brief rundown on the bracket:

Once the grand finals are set, there is one important thing to note: The team who came from the losers bracket must win twice, while the team from the winners bracket only needs to win once. This is because the winner bracket team has not lost yet, while the loser bracket team would have lost once. If the winners bracket team wins the very first match in the finals, they will be champions.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!
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